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Matthias Blume / LoanHero / April 28, 2017


Lending is one of the first areas in which machine learning proved to make better decisions than humans do. Today, trillions of dollars per year of credit granting decisions are based on computational models, and San Diego hosts a score of fintech companies. Matthias will present practical aspects of how data science is used by lenders from prospecting through fraud detection, underwriting, and servicing and will highlight how data science is changing the industry via marketplace lending, additional data sources, and new techniques such as deep learning.

About Matthias Blume

Matthias Blume is Chief Risk Officer at LoanHero. Previously, he was Director of Analytics at CoreLogic and FICO. He holds nine fintech patents and has published numerous papers. He received his PhD from UCSD in 1999, where he pursued a truly interdisciplinary study of neural networks.