Henry Abarbanel / UC San Diego

April 13, 2018

Colin Jemmott / Seismic Software

April 27, 2018

Zank Bennett / Bennett Data Science

May 11, 2018

About Zank Bennett

Zank started his career doing extensive mathematical modeling and data visualization at Abbott Labs. He followed by spending nearly a decade at SAIC, leading teams working on “DARPA hard” problems, vital to United States security. Zank was awarded a medal of achievement for his part in a project that used mass spectrometry to detect, identify and quantify airborne pathogens. This work was reported in Scientific American, and the technology was used to first identify and classify H1-N1 as a swine and avian flu. He continues to expand his career by helping companies succeed by finding novel ways to grow their products and revenue utilizing artificial intelligence. Most recently, Zank has taken a role as the Director of Data Science at TrunkClub, a Nordstrom Company.

Peter Calhoun / Dexcom, Inc.

May 25, 2018

About Peter Calhoun

Peter Calhoun is a biostatistician at Dexcom, Inc. evaluating and improving the effectiveness of continuous glucose monitors. He has worked as a biostatistician for seven years doing diabetes research and working closely with the FDA. Peter graduated from University of Florida with a Master’s degree in statistics and earned a PhD in computational statistics at the San Diego State University and Claremont Graduate University joint doctoral program. In his free time, he uses statistics to predict NFL games and March Madness.