The capstone project is an important part of the MAS-DSE program. By the end of the first year, students are expected to form teams of 3-5 people, define specific goals for the project and metrics for measuring success, identify data sources that will be used for the project and find a faculty advisor.

Ilkay Altintas is the coordinator for all of the capstone projects. Please email Ilkay Altintas with “MAS-DSE-Capstone:” in the subject line of your email.

List of Projects and Advisors

Project Faculty Advisor Description
1: Traffic Analysis Yoav Freund Analyze patterns of traffic and accidents and to create predictive models for the traffic-related events using several traffic information sources. [full page]
2: Wildfire Data Analysis ... Analyze weather phenomena leading to wildfire and fire risk areas using historical sensed and computed datasets. [full page]
3: Fitness Data Analysis Julian McAuley Modeling, prediction, and recommendation from large-scale fitness data. [full page]
4: Smart Building Data AnalysisYoav Freund Analyze and optimize energy applications of smart buildings by handling large datasets of sensors across UCSD campus. [full page]
5: Interactive Discovery and Nvigation in Large Biomedical Database Graphs Yannis Papakonstantinou Produce an online analytics application for navigating and discovering in graphs. [full page]
6: Myoeletrical Data Analysis Todd Coleman and Benjamin SmarrClassification and pattern detection for gastrointestinal (GI) distress using myoeletrical, body temperature, activity, electrocardiogram and log data.[full page]
7: Social Media Data Analysis Amarnath GuptaCommunity evolution detection using social media graphs.[full page]

Summaries of Past Projects

2015/2016 Academic Year
CalTrans Traffic AnalysisTeam: Kevin Dyer, John Gill III, Conway Wong
(Advised by Yoav Freund)
Latent Factor Recommender Systems for RestaurantsTeam: Alex Quintero, Alicia Humphries, Jennifer Flynn, Noel Jiwanmall, Scott Knox
(Advised by Julian McAuley)
Entity and Event Analytics on Social Media DataTeam: Debbie Hofman, Preeti Javaji, Carol Sniegoski
(Advised by Amarnath Gupta)
Retail Market Analysis StrategyTeam: Abhijeet Gulati, Garett Brock, Brett Colbert, Jordan Levin, Bradley Lum
(Advised by Natasha Balac)